XP Separator

XP Separator

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What makes XP better than the other filters

If you are using the traditional filtration, you have the opportunity to make a better choice “XP separator”. The following are the
advantage of XP separator.

Easy & Simple

■ No backwashing.

■ Easily automatic operation.

■ No standby equipment required.

■ Little flow loss.

■ Compact, space-saving profiles.

■ No moving part to wear out.

■ Low and steady pressure loss.

■ NO routing maintenance or downtime requirements.

■ Effective solids concentration for easy disposal/recovery.


■ Spraying system and small holes jam protection.

■ Extend the life of finer filtration and water treatment systems.

■ Heat exchanger protection to reduce heat transfer loss.

■ Prevent excessive solids accumulation in pits, sumps and tanks.

■ Waste minimization.

Cost Saving

■ Energy Costs Saving

Control the fouling of heat transfer device and increase operating efficiency.

■ Maintenance Costs Saving

Reduce the tower cleaning, heat exchanger punch-outs, labor fee and downtime of machine.

■ Increases Facility Life

■ Chemical Treatment Saving

Fewer solids means less absorption of chemicals and/or less solids developed in the water.

■ Reduce Liability Exposure

Reduce unexpected shut down, labor safety problem.

How it works

The XP centrifugal separator is a reliable automatic water treatment filtration facility. The efficiency is decided combination of the gravitational-force and centrifugal-action in the process. The more high specific weight of the particles, the more efficient clarify of the water system.

  1. Water flows tangentially into the separator.

2. The channel shape can increase the speed of flow, and make sure the flow stability.

3. The highly centrifugal force will push the impurity toward the wall due to the flow rotated strongly in the separator.

4. The impurity will be falling from the wall to the collection pit because of the gravity effect.

5. Because the plate setup, it will block main rotation flow and the eddy perturbation in the collection pit.

6. The purge equipment (optional) can be continuously or by timer-setting purge out.


Equipment Setup

1. Setup Seperator behind the basin to prevent solids accumulation and avoid harmful bacteria and particles jam in the pipe.

2. Setup Seperator behind the main pipe.

Remove solids from a portion of the recirculating flow at a specific rate to protect the system and get energy-saving.


Separator tank: Carbon steel (stainless steel is available) with three layers prime coating and Epoxy surface coating are with excellent corrosion resistant and whether resistant properties.Pressure resistant is higher than 50PSI.

Pre-strainer: Installed near the suction of the pump to remove larger debris before water entering the pump and the separator tank.

Solids recovery vessel: Same material as the separtor tank. With a 25 μm filtration bag. Easy to store and clean.

Control box: With overload protecting device. Standard voltage is 220V.Customers could also have optional 380~480V choice.(Please specify before order is released)

Inlet/Outlet: Using of UPVC Sch 80 pipe(steel pipe is also available). Pressure resistant is higher than 4kg/cm².

Base frame: Galvanized channel steel with paint coating.




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