Máy lọc nước XF Water Sand Filter

Máy lọc nước XF Water Sand Filter

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I. Introduction

■ Features:
   1. Filter Tank is made of carbon steel with five layers’ coating, so is absolutely corrosion free and weather resistant
   2. With selected North American natural silica sand as filtering media, excellent for trapping suspended solid in circulation water
   3. With specially designed backwash counting device
   4. Control valves are connected to actuators directly, so no linkages are required, which eliminate all the problems caused by
       traditional linkage type control method.
   5. With schedule 80 heavy duty PVC Under-drain, strong and durable

■ Capacity range:
   Available in 16 standard models with capacities from 3,406 to 228,487 liters

■ Applicable for:
   Cooling tower systems, wastewater discharge, well water treatment, foods & beverage plants applications

■ Benefits:
   1. XF Filter helps prevent cooling system fouling that results in emergency maintenance and downtime, and therefore maintains
       system’s constant operation.
   2. XF Filter enhances the effectiveness of water treatment program, and relatively reduces chemical-dosing cost
   3. XF Filter reduces the buildup of deposits in cooling system, which maintains system efficiency and results in lower energy
   4. XF Filter eliminates the accumulation of scale and solid contaminates in cooling system, and so that minimizes the needs for cleanouts and maintenance

II. Fetures

With the function of evaporation, maximum volume of air contact with maximum surface area of water and the purpose to cool water is achieved. However, in the process of cooling the water, two effects appear:

1. Because of evaporation, the density of dissolved solid and density of electrolyte in water become higher and higher. That will cause scale formation and corrosion. In order to make up the evaporated water, the water fed in unavoidably brings contaminants as well.

2. A big volume of air is drafted into the cooling tower during operation. These  air also bring dust, leaves, insect bodies…etc. These airborne contaminants are scrubbed by water and stay in the system water. It pollutes the circulation system such as cooling tower, pipe line and heat exchanger.

These two effects consist of four major water treatment problems those should be solved in the cooling tower circulation system:
  ●airborne contaminants  ●biological fouling  ●corrosion  ●scale formation 

XF sand filter is a chemical free equipment so it won’t cause secondary public nuisance. It perfectly matches the new trend of environmental protection. In the meantime, it solves those four major problems mentioned above.

1. Airborne contaminates

These airborne contaminants include dust, leaves, insect bodies….etc are the major variable among the cooling tower water quality.  We could not forecast when the air blows, which direction it blows from and what it brings.  Follows the water, these contaminants are brought into any nook in the circulation water system such as cooling tower fill, basin, heat exchanger in the chiller and in the pipe line.  Then, stay at the location that stops them from floating.  These contaminants foul the water and feed biological fouling with nutrition.  If they stay at the tube surface of the heat exchanger, they resist heat exchange effect and increase power consumption.  In the meantime, because they clog in the tube, it requires more power to pump water.

XF sand filter could easily solve the problem caused by airborne contaminants.  No matter how dirty the system water is, after one week’s continuous filtration, the water becomes clear enough to see the bottom of the basin.  XF sand filter could filter out 90% of the particles bigger than 10 Micron (or particles bigger than 5 Micron depends on optional sand media size).  The size of table salt powder is 100 Micron, so we could imagine how small 10 Micron is.

2. Biological fouling

It is grown in the circulation water system by bacteria, algae and other organism.  These microorganism multiplied in the cooling tower water under warm temperature, sun ray and fed by nutrition from airborne contaminants.  It becomes uncontrollable microorganism growth.
Slime for example, it is combined of and organized by bacteria, it’s derivation, ash, body of insect and other airborne contaminants.  These biological fouling also flow to everywhere in the water circulation system.  And then, find a place easy to stay and cling there, multiply, grow and become endless.  These will also reduce heat exchange effect, possibly will also clog the tubes or even corrode the tube wall.

With the use of XF sand filter, we could filter out biological contaminants.  The more important is before microorganisms are multiplying, we have already filtered out the airborne contaminants and cut the foods supply chain so there is no chance for microorganism to multiply. 

3. Corrosion

During the cooling tower operation, with evaporation, the density of electrolyte becomes higher and higher.  Electrochemical reaction happens between water and metal tube thus destroys the tube surface and small pieces flake from tube surface.  That is corrosion.  The accumulation of airborne contaminants and biological fouling in tubes also cause corrosion on the places these contaminants and fouling stay and cling.  The production of corrosion, flaked swarf, flow with water in system and stay and accumulate at the places where water flow slower.  This also reduces heat exchange effect and causes clog in tubes.

The prevention of XF sand filter against corrosion is from two aspects.  First, because sand filter has removed the airborne contaminants and biological fouling, the tubes are protected from corrosion.  Second, on the procedure of backwashing, some of higher density electrolyte water is drained and discharged, fresh water is made up, the density of electrolyte in water is kept at lower level and corrosion won’t happen.

4. Scale

Scale is the crystal formed by dissolved material in water when the concentration of this material exceeds the critical point of dissolving.  In the process of cooling, because of evaporation, the density of this material becomes higher and scale formation happens.  The scale will precipitate, stay and cling on the surface of heat exchanger tubes.  It is just like insulation material that resists heat exchange and thus increase power consumption.  The present technology to handle scale problem is to feed scale inhibitor in water, however these chemical unavoidably causes secondary pollution.

With the use of XF sand filter, on the procedure of backwashing, some of higher density dissolved material is drained and discharged, fresh water is made up, the density of dissolved material is kept at lower level and scale formation won’t happen.

The conclusion is : With the use of XF sand filter, we could totally handle all four major water care problems in cooling tower water circulation system.  In the meantime, we could reduce the use of chemical.  Frankly speaking, XF sand filter meets the recent environmental protection concept and deserves the fame of “Nurse of cooling tower water circulation system”.

III. Structures

IV: Specifications

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