KSPW Water pump

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KSPW is most suitable for HVAC water circulation system. Also available for:

1. System equipment

2. High building water supply

3. Industrial water supply

4. Fire protection

5. Civil construction

6. Sewage treatment

7. Agricultural irrigation

8. Boiler


1. Impellers are designed with hydraulic model, so it is with excellent dynamic and static balance and performance is most stable.

2. Pump shaft is the extended shaft of motor so the concentricity is reliable.

3. With excellent bearing, vibration and noise are minimized.

4. With closed impellers and pump case.

5. Mono type structure makes it high efficiency, small size, light weight and easy maintenance.

6. With special mechanical seat to protect shaft, leak proof and for longer service.

7. Different material parts options are available upon request.

Service conditions:

1. Flow rate range: 3~700 m3/h;

2. Head range: 6~35 m;

3. RPM: 2,900 r/min or 1,450 r/min;

4. Maximum working pressure: 1.0 MPa;

5. Fluid temperature: -15℃~ +80℃;

6. Ambient temperature: not to exceed +40℃;

7. Motor protection grade: IP54 or IP55;

8. Motor insulation grade: B or F class;

9. Motor rotation direction: counter clockwise from impellers suction side, clockwise from motor side.




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